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Hey everyone ! Been reading these forums in the past 5 years or so and so far I found most answers I needed w/o having to post (Thank you all for those now that i did !) but now I found myself with a very frustrating problem that I couldnt solve no matter how much I tried asking my friend Google.

Altho I see most of you have changed sockets for a long time now, Im hoping there are still a few of you around with 775 knowledge as I have recently switched from my old DDR2 MSI P43 NEO-F to a what seemed to be a sweet deal DDR3 DFI Lanparty DK P45-T3RSB but what proved to be a sleep stealer smile.gif

Im at best a noobie OC'er, playing mostly with the FSB, multiplier and DRAM ratio and almost never messing with voltages.Even so I managed to get my E8400 to around 3.4 Ghz stable and 3.6 unstable on stock cooling on my old MSI P43 NEO-F.

When I grabbed the DFI with my new Scythe Katana III I was hoping for atleast the same performances but this board is beeing a nightmare to OC. So far I figure the problem must be with the Mobo since I cant get it to boot above 350 even with CPU set x 6 and ram set at 333->1066.

Im not one to use OC 24/7 , I just like to do some tests to see what my comp can do but even so, I really hope its not something wrong with the Mobo and its just me beeing a noob or missing something.

Soooooo please throw down any input (I set my rig in the profile but if there is anyother info needed Ill gladly provide it) and let me know what tests or settings can I do to get my show on the road !