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Hi ppl,

I'm curious to know if anyone out there while playing their games set their monitor to 50hz? Why would I do such a thing you might ask and the reason why is 50hz/fps is easier to maintain then 60hz/fps obviously, and when I play games I like the experience to be smooth without any spikes in the fps. If I were to use another program such as DXTory to cap the fps to 50fps while still having my monitor set to 60hz, the game then has to drop/waste 10 frames which causes hitching/stuttering in the game which is not what I like. Now, most times this seems to work fine but with Crysis 2, if I'm running it in dx9 then Crysis 2 will override what I have my monitor set to, I'll have my monitor set to 50hz, but when I boot up Crysis 2 it'll be running at 60fps still. Anyone know a work around for this?