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First of all, is there a thread specific to people taking large landscape pictures of cool places? I think it would be fun to see some pictures from other hikers and such and see the beauty of the land, even though a picture doesn't do it justice.

This first one I shot with a cellphone because I didn't have a decent camera yet rolleyes.gif...
I took this from about 8,500' at the very top lift of Timberline, Mt. Hood while I was out snowboarding.

In the distance you can see Mt. Jefferson (~50 miles away) and just to the left, not sure if you can really pick it out, but the sisters are also there (~90 miles away)

This next one I took last weekend while on a hike to the top of Bachelor Mountain in the Cascades it was pretty hazy out and we were already on the decent when it started to clear up.

This is actually Jefferson again, but only about 10 miles away this time.

Here are a few more, forgive me for not editing them and for my shirtless friend haha

This is actually a fire watch post

I'm only using a Nikon AW100 (rugged) since that is the most practical to my lifestyle. I spend most of my time doing somewhat 'extreme' sports so a dSLR probably wouldn't last to long unfortunately. If you lurk around here for a while I'm sure I will get some better lighting conditions eventually, but for now that was my first hike with a camera.

Comments or concerns? smile.gif
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