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Hello before I start I'd to introduce myself a bit, I came from geekhack and have been reading on this forum for a while now but I finally decides to sign up so hi everybody smile.gif

I've got my Naga for about 9 months now (still working, knocking on wood) and I've always used the mouse with the thumb grid lights off. Because it gets warm and my hand gets sweaty, it's not exactly unbearable but I guess it gets annoying over time.

By default the software link the scroll wheel light with the thumb lights (both on or both off). So I've been wondering is there a way to mod the hardware so I can only have the scroll wheel light on and thumb light off? Easiest way I can think of is to unplug part of the hardware so the thumb light will be off permanently (which I don't mind).

In this video this guy took apart the Naga, look like at the 1:00 mark it's showing its internals. By the way it looks like I wonder if the LED control is within the same strip of button function control? Because if that's the case then it might get really complicated frown.gif

Anyone have any experience with this? Thanks guys !