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Configuring my system for some Let's Play and want a hardware solution that's a bit more robust than fraps/playclaw/etc. The Colossus looks pretty nice, but I'm not sure it will work in my setup. I have a 5770 with 1 HDMI out. I intend to use an HDMI split OUT at the 5770 to HDMI IN Colossus and HDMI IN TV. I've been scouring the net for information regarding whether this setup will work, and I found some references suggesting this does not work though the articles were previews dated before release of the hardware and noted driver issues. Anyone own a Colossus and can confirm whether or not the above setup works?

I had initially considered PC HDMI OUT/HDMI IN Colossus, Component OUT Colossus/Component IN TV, but the Hauppauge site seems to say that this does not work either. That sounds really bizarre to me though, considering there is no HDMI pass through, yet the primary port is HDMI in. Am I misunderstanding the Hauppauge page?

Anyone who has a Colossus and captures gameplay from PC that Colossus itself is installed on and can describe their setup, I would be extremely thankful.