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Originally Posted by macoi251 View Post

waiting for the finish product

I've been SUPER busy and really underestimated the cost of the acrylic work I wanted to have done... and the cable arrays for the OCZ psu is not as simple as others and has made all of my sleeving work worthless... I will be finishing this project once I am on vacation for christmas. I took a whole two weeks off with the plan to finish this build. I am very dissapointed in myself and feel that I let my sponsors down.. I will be making sure the credit is given where due. stay posted!
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I know I haven't been on this build in ever! I have been just overwhelmed with things in life and just not having the resources/funds to finish the build. I feel guilty and dishonorable to my sponsors. Yet there is hope, I have just finished rebuilding the system and have pictures of whats been done. I was considering on buying an entire new system but with the next gen haswell, DDR4, GTX 8XX series, and a whole lot of new watercooling tech coming out, I thought it would be best to wait since this machine still holds up to my needs.

So I ordered new tubing, coolant, and a PSU. I did a complete tear down of the system. I didn't take a whole ton of pictures but I am sure they will be somewhat entertaining.

The new PSU: NZXT 850W Hale90 v2

This is the original PSU I wanted to get for the build but it wasn't available or local pickup. Great thing is too, this is a 1-1 pinout from what I have read with no caps. Only a power sense cable which people have stated as being easy to get around. Now for the pictures. I will apologize before hand, I got a new phone recently and for some reason it has a hard time taking pictures of such negative contrast. It can't decide to focus on what and it makes some objects blurry. I will be working on that too smile.gif

I did have a little help with the un-boxing plus some improvised modeling.

I am extremely happy with this PSU and it's cables.

Ran some distilled water through the system with Sysprep from Primochill. Wasn't the most fun but I got it done.

Everything is back in and working like a champ. I found a shop that will assist in making the bracket for my radiator so it will fit more flush and also said he would cut my acrylic. It 's one of my clients for my work so it's going to be fun working with them. I plan to purchase the acrylic next paycheck and have it cut the following week or so. I will also be starting to create custom cabling this weekend, I just hope I have enough sleeving left over. I have the option to order different sleeving than what I have. What do you guys think? Stick with the slim sleeving or go to the normal 8mm? White of course smile.gif

Sidenote: I have to also purchase new fittings. I really like the look of the monsoon fittings but by functions demands, they are terrible. The key they give you for tightening fittings bends and ends up damaging the paint on the fitting. Also I have lost three fittings due to them locking up and the tool being un-able to break them free without getting a wrench out and destroying the paint. Definitely sad about that.
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So I went to go sleeve my PSU and I lost my ATX De-pinning tool... Just ordered a new one and will be waiting for that. Joy lol.
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Update: 7/7/2014

Even though I do not have an ATX de-pinning tool, that does not mean I cannot start sleeving!

So I decided to start on the GPU cables.

I will be starting the CPU 8 pin tonight since I don't have a reference at work. I am running low on sleeving and I hope I am able to re-use the 24 pin I did for the OCZ :S
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Update: 7/14/2014

PCI-E Sleeving done!

Took forever for my depinning tool to come in but just glad its here.

The pinout of the PSU to the GPU is reversed so I had a hard time deciding on the pattern to use. I am slightly satisfied with the way it looks. I am hoping the finished product will look even better since it will be clean.


Let me know what you think in the comments!
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So I totally whiffed this project thanks to life just getting really busy and me having really poor time management but to no avail the build will be getting a REVAMP! Woot!

What does that mean? Well, I am going to be upgrading most of the hardware with current gen stuff. Which includes, GTX 970 or 960, depends on the timeline of when EK comes out with a waterblock for the 960 or if not at all. The 970 is a little overkill for what I play but you can never have too much right? I will be doing some metal fabricating for the front and top fan intake and exhaust. I will be also finally cutting the window panel and making the plexi windows. This also includes LED lighting and I am still toying with the idea of hardlines this time around.

What have I done so far since the REVAMP?

Finished the Sata power cable for my SSD. Looks pretty damn good.

Next will be figuring out the ATX 24 pin since that didn't go over well last time. I think I will just make two extensions and use the stock PSU 24 pin for the middle so it all works and still looks great tongue.gif Next month I will begin to order hardware and other needed parts.

Stay Tuned!

D.C. Out!
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Just a heads up, you typed 2012 in your spoilers instead of 2015!

Anyway, looks great!
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Originally Posted by Zoubiey View Post

Just a heads up, you typed 2012 in your spoilers instead of 2015!

Anyway, looks great!

Derp. Ill fix that tongue.gif Thanks!
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Alright. I'm an ******* I know.... LIfe got busy, I got another hobby, and money was short! But I am back! Recently purchased a couple of goodies. Will be doing hardlines and upgrading a few hardware components since my gaming needs have substantially dropped so I don't need a new CPU yet.

Small post for tonight since the rest is on its way still. I saw the NZXT H440 released and It was exactly what I wanted so I bought that ISH real quick! Upon unboxing I will say that holy hell either cases have gotten really nice without skyrocketing in prices or quality with NZXT is their priority. NOTHING on this case feels cheap. The fans they include are super smooth and spin for ages just with a flick. I am almost tempted to use them but I have my noiseblockers so those will be used for the Aquacooler Radiator but I am considering on using the 140mm exhaust fan next to the IO shield. Next thing I noticed but the sound deadening foam. That's a really nice touch considering I was applying that stuff myself for ages on friends builds and such. The front assembly of the case comes off quite easily and has a nifty dust filter that is magnetized. Kudos to that. The fan controllers on here are also really pleasant. Better than what you can get from modDIY or what not for the cheaper stuff. Next on the todo list is map order a new GPU waterblock and stainless steel piping for hardlines. Yeah you heard me, were doing SS polished hardlines. I've pushed this build to the side for too long and thankfully Discover gave me a credit cad with a good limit to thank them wink.gif

Fully torn apart

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Goodies came in!

Second set of Corsair Platinum 1866 8gb
Corsair Platinum Light Bar Upgrade kits (2)

Installed the kits, was a breeze. Only sad thing is the two sets of ram have different LED brightness levels :/ Minor issue. Not sure if I will go out of my way to buy another set since newegg is out of stock now :X

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