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I have bought this motherboard: ASUS E45M1-I Deluxe.
My plan was to make a decent desktop for: internet navigation, write some documents, play a movie etc ... (usual stuff) not for gaming or something with a lot of power.Intention was to go small

entire configuration:

ASUS E45M1-I Deluxe (I update bios on latest release)
2x4GB DDR3 Kingston 1333
case+power ANTEC ISK 300-65
SSD Samsung 830 128 Gb
usb wireless keyboard and mouse
HP monitor
nothing else

put in Bios AHCI mode (SATA III), start to install fresh win7x64..drivers from asus site etc...
but, the system is moving really slow, to boot for example take around 2 minutes.Also programs (firefox or media player)to start take some times (ok not 1 minute but you can see that are not starting right the way like in a normal system with HDD etc...)

I find this not normal...or it is normal for the mini-ITX motherbords to be slower?
The index score from windows is 3.9 (sdd 7.9, memory 5.9, processor 3.9)

I put another memory DDR3 - 1333 but the same. SSD was directly from the box
anyway, any ideea to improve this? it is drive me crazy.

this is the benchmark: