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Upgrading a 2 year old system

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Hello, first let me begin by saying this is probably one of the most complete sites i have ever seen, hopefully you guys can help. My computer has the following characteristics

Case - thermaltake vk90001n2z (case has a 23 inch fan aftermarket fan on the lateral aperture and it came with two other fans but one of them has been removed because of the hydro cooler)
Power Source - eurotech modular pro v70 (900W+)
Motherboard- Gigabyte x58A ud3r (2.0)
CPU Intel i7 950
RAM- Corsair cmt6gx3m3m1866c
HDD -2 x WD 1002FAEX
DVD-BDROm - Asus BC- 0881LT
GPU Gigabyte GV n480DS -15I-B (geforce gtx 480 1,5 GB)
windows 7 64 bits
22.5 inch led screen
Corsair h70 (has two fans one drawing air into the case and the other drawing air into the ambient air of the case - the h70 was installed in the top right corner of the rear of the fan)
the case has a top fan that expels the air inside the case, along with the lateral one.

Currently the system is running with the cpu clocked with gigabyte's utility(lame i know....) easytune @3.8 GHz and the ram running at 1920 MHz (but not at proper voltage, mb won't accept the xmp profile for some reason) ram was clocked with gigabyte's utility as well....
(i think the easytuune profile for this OC is 975+ not sure though

My goal is to maximize the system as much as possible in a stable way. i don't really want to damage it in anyway. So how can i go about this?
Thank you. Artur
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You can push most 950's to 4ghz on around 1.28v or there abouts... The reason your motherboard isn't taking XMP is probably because you've set the auto overclock.

I'd start by removing the current OC and setting it to manual, Set your multi to 23 and then set your FSB to 165 and then set your Vcore to around 1.22v, we're starting low to minimise heat.

As for your memory, set it as close to 1866 as you can but don't go over, then set your timings to 9-9-9-24. You might need to drop your frequency down to get those timings but with those processors timings > frequency

When you bench your machine if it isn't stable increase your vcore by 0.1v, when it is stable start dropping 0.01v off and then you should find it's stable point.

You can push those to 4ghz however it requires a significant boost in vCore normally

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Thank you for your quick reply.
I've had a chance to look at my bios settings (btw bios is the latest Fh from gigabyte) and i've spotted a few of those things you mentioned. And back when i bought it i asked around in other forums and i was told i'd have to disable several things like speedstep or C7 state(i can't remember the names of it now. sorry i am not on that pc atm) however not knowing the hardware i shirked form tampering with it. It is still under warranty mind you. As such and even though i have some idea of what you are talking about when you mention vcore voltage and the ram timings, there are a couple more things i don't really know, which are bios specific like the menu navigation and several things that come before actually selecting the voltage. My main reason for wanting this, and i am almost laughing as i say it is to play skyrim (lol) . I am also considering buying the new acellero hybrid for my graphics card, because i've noticed it can seriously crank up the heat if im not careful (thus the custom fan profile on afterburner i have)
I don't want to to seem ungrateful, but i have a limited knowledge of this and i usually don't like to mess with things i don't know about, so i ask could you please give a bit more detail? thank you!
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