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Headsets. Corsair 2000 VS Logitech G930 - Page 3

Poll Results: G930 or 2000

  • 33% (4)
    Corsair 2000
  • 66% (8)
    Logitech G930
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Ok thanks. I'll stick with the 2000 unless anything changes.
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I mildly disagree with you. I have a pair of g930's that were gifted to me for my birthday. I groaned internally a little upon seeing the things. Despite the majority consensus regarding Logitech, I have always found their products to be cheap and way overpriced and it hurt to think of the damage done to my girlfriend's wallet. I have to say they are pretty nice headphones though. The noise cancelling is highly effective and the audio above average for a headset. The highs and lows are well represented. You have a decently rounded sound profile, unlike a lot of headsets where the sound is weighted either too much to the bass or the treble.

If I want audiophile quality, I use my speaker setup, but for noise cancelling and alternate use to avoid disturbing others, it's a pretty nice alternative. I don't mic while gaming online, but I have tested out the mic and can tell you it is above average in sound quality for this sort of device. It also has mappable buttons...which seem pointless to me and I have never used, but they are there.

Overall, it's an admittedly overpriced product, yet, it's not a bad product. I grudgingly have to admit that Logitech made something decent that wasn't entirely snakeoil, and only mildly highway robbery. I honestly use these things all the time. They are consistent and you can do a lot worse. The usb charging is streamlined and not clunky, charge time lasts up to 8 hours and you can plug back into the charger and go wired on the fly.
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I went to get the Wireless Corsair 2000 headphones a good year ago for my HTPC's and gaming because I was sick of the wires on my razor "Chaburacha's or sumtin" and I wanted surround sound of some kind...even simulated is better then nothing in my book.
Well they were out of stock on the Corsair's but they had the MUCH MUCH Older Logitech G930 wireless 5.1/7.1 surround or stereo headset that has been around for ages. Since the wife was sick of my loud movies I purchased the Logitech's and have been very happy with the performance of them. They only have 40mm drivers but what I like most about them is they are very comfortable on my smallish head and have 20-30DB's of passive noise cancelling since they are sturdy sealed tight and have some weight to them.....but for some reason they do not make my ears sweat. Battery life is between 8 and 10 hrs Plus they can be charged while in use.
They have no noticeable lag during movie watching or gaming. On top of that the sound quality is good and the surround is very realistic and immersive. They have a switch on the control side that switches from stereo to surround along with volume and 3 programmable control buttons on the side that are great for pausing rewinding ETC.
Logitech seems to update the drivers 2-3 times a year so I imagine they work a heck of alot better then when they were 1st released years ago.

Its also great that i can just grab the dongle and plug it into one of my 2 sandy bridge HTPCs with i3 2120s and 2 HID Icooler 1gb gddr5 7750 videocards thast both can overclock to 1100core from the 800mhz and 1300 mem from the 1125mhz for light to medium 1080p gaming Crysis 3 on medium setting's and 50+fps, farcry 3, BF3 etc. Or plug the dongle into my 2600k@4.5ghz plus gaming rig with 2 EVGA Superclocked 560ti SLI cards Overclocked from 900 to 995mhz cores and 2103 mem to 2400 mem or 4800mhz Gaming rig and get surround while drowning out the sound of my aggressive video card fan profiles. Scoring just a tad over 10,100 points on my 3dmark 11 Epeen smile.gif Plus the previous 3 games on high ultra settings plus metro last light with physics and the highest settings...but unfortunately no aa just fxaa and 16x af. On top of that the rig is a few months into its 3rd year of life and has been the best longest lasting build to date CPU power wise for gaming. 5 years ago you could not get a PC to last so long and perform so well through 3 generations of CPUs. Plus it can go head to head with any normally cooled IVy Bridge or Haswell CPU If i crank it to 5.1ghz. Too bad Intel did not solder on the IHS on the ivy and haswell CPUs or they would be 5+ ghz monsters also.

On another note i am looking forward to seeing how IVY Bridge-E CPU's overclock since they will have soldered on IHS's and not Intel poop "err i mean TIM" under the IHS
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