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P9x79 and 3960x bsod

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I have been overclocking my i7-3960x using Asus p9x79 mobo.
I get AIDA64 stability test stable for 30min with CPU temperature at 70ºC (water custom loop).

The problem is that when gaming Crysis 2, I get a bsod after like 1hour.
CPU temperature do not go over 60°C when gaming.

This is the bsod:

The overclock is 4.8GHz@1.41V set in bios.

How can I fix it?

Thanks and please post.
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This is a BSOD due to memory error.

You should start with testing your memory at stock speeds to make sure it actually works.
( this means put the whole damn system to stock too, alleviate any variables that may get in the way of seeing if your ram works. )

First see if it all works together. If not try one stick at a time.

If they all work 1 at a time, try 1 stick in each of the slots at a time.

Use a bootable program called memtestx86

just burn this ISO to a disk or make the USB flash drive for testing.

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I run memtest86 overnight for more than 9 hours (4 passes) with all the stick and with cpu overclocked to 4.8GHz. No errors.
I did update some motherboard drivers recently, so I did a system restore a point prior to the update and I will see what happens.

I am not sure if this is a overclock instability or a driver problem.
I really dont think its a piece of hardware that is faulty.
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OK good, so we know your RAM works.

According to Microsoft support:

Typically, this error occurs when a driver uses an incorrect memory address. Other possible causes of this error include an incompatible device driver, a general hardware problem, or incompatible software.

Think you could get a dmp file out of "c:/windows/minidump" for us to determine a cause?
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No files within c:/windows/minidump.

Well, after the system restore to undo the drivers update, no more bsods... But, now the computer freezes completely after like 1 hour of gaming.
I could reproduce the freeze running unigine heaven dx11. (Overclocked to 4.8GHz@1.41V, memory at 2133MHz 16GB corsair dominator gt)

After this, I returned everything to stock (no overclock) and ran unigine heaven for 2 hours with no problems, bsods or freezes.

I guess my overclock is still unstable, I used the settings explained here:

What could I do to get it to run stable?
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Overclock it properly. Dont use some noob from youtubes settings. all chips are different. Some are even a little quirky.

Okay the ROG channel isnt so bad. But you need to start from the very beginning, and make sure you pay attention to your BSOD codes.

the codes are what shapes your overclock.
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I will need some help here.

At this moment everything is at stock speeds and bios default settings.

Can you help me?
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start turning it up one astep at a time.

after each step you take, stress test. once it errors, tell us the bsod code.

getting bsods is going to shape your overclock.
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I am getting 0x101 bsod when gaming for 1hour or stress with unigine heaven dx11.

AIDA64 stability test seems stable after 30 min under load with 71C max temp.

When I stress with unigine heaven my video card (GTX680) gets very hot.
Can it interfere with stability?
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It wouldn't lead to a bsod code suggesting you don't have enough CPU voltage.

0x101 generally means it needs more vcore.
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