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Hi everyone,
I just bought Asus VS248H-P monitor and while playing with the options in the menu a lot of them are locked and I can't change their value. ex. Saturation, Sharpness, Aspect Control, ASCR and more. Does anyone know how to unlock them?
Also every time I open a game ex. L4D or Cs 1.6, the Asus monitor "Auto Adjusts" the resolution and I get part of the screen cut or goes way to the left. When I try to adjust it myself by moving back to the right, then the picture goes way to the right. Basically I can't adjust it by myself, it never gets in the centre as it should. Maybe someone here knows how to disable the "Auto Adjust" function in the monitor?
Thanks in advance!

PS: Thank you very much for the guys that helped me with setting up the colour profile, the picture looks amazing now! (could not pm back cause of restrictions).

EDIT: I changed the cable from VGA to DVI and the "Auto Adjusting" function stopped appearing and the quality is much much better!!

Also after I changed the cables the colours went to stock and its really frustrating trying to set them up again right... before I used an icc profile, but I deleted it didn't think I will need it again.. If someone has an icc profile for Asus VS248H-P I would be really thankful.
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