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Hello everyone. I would have posted this in the classifieds section, but you need 35 REP to do so and I'm pretty new here.

Just letting you know, I found two (2) new Venomous X Black coolers for sale, for $70 CAD, on a Canadian website. Unfortunately they only ship to Canada. This is a rare item now and could easily cost a lot more. As a courtesy I'll post the link, but before two of you jump on it and take advantage of my sleuthing, please consider the following request and grant me a little time:

Are there any Canadian members who wouldn't mind picking this up and shipping it to me in the USA? [Redacted].

Here is the link:
Thermalright Venomous X Black at A-Power

Alternatively, if anyone has a lead on a VenX Black for sale in the USA, I'm all ears. thumb.gif

UPDATE: I have found a way to get this item shipped to me, so I no longer need assistance. Thank you anyway to anyone who was considering offering such. Anyone else who was interested in ordering one is welcome to do so, if you were kind enough to refrain on my behalf before. Regards,
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