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Wanted: [Wanted] TRUE Copper

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[Wanted] TRUE Copper

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi everyone. Looking for a pair of TRUE coppers:


Must have 1155/2011 brackets.
Have plenty of motherboards to trade smile.gif Will also consider cash.

Must be able to ship to the UK! Though if you are outside the UK it may not be worth it. This cooler weighs 2kg/4lbs and it would cost too much to ship.
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I have one that's never been used. YGPM.
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and theres this one, youre set buddy.
I used to have one. they are truely heavy and would suggest finding a way to rig them to stay up if the mobo is vertical. Wash only with vinegar or copper polishes. and try to use gloves when handling
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Hi XiDillion, while I appreciate your response, a couple of things..

1) That ebay sells only to US. I'm based in UK. Hence why my suggested price uses £ instead of $, and my location is listed as England.
2) The part of my sig that says "Computer Hardware Reviewer and Consultant / Team GB Overclocker, #1 UK" would suggest I know how to handle a heatsink. I've already read the briefings online for the kit I'm after. FYI, it's for competitive overclocking, not a build - that's all done vertically.
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It was Eng-er-land. I wasnt familiar with where that was tongue.gif depending on if you were to ask the buyer of the listing, maybe they would change their mind on where they were willing to send it. I know youre no dummy but I felt like adding how to handle them properly even though I dont know everything. Hope you find a couple of them soon.
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