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Need Help!!!

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I've just recently built a new system running
AMD 6200 CPU,
32Gb Corsair Dominator RAM,
Asrock Fatal1ty 990FX Professional MB,
Cooler master 1300W PSU,
Gigabyte SO 7970.
My problem is in overclocking. It is getting very unstable and i'm only clocking to 4.1 in bios. if i go over this it bsods or windows just won't load at all. I've tried adjusting the CPU voltage up to 1.435 still not holding. I'm new to overclocking too so don't really understand much bout it yet. I've tried using the FSTU program but seems when i run it my system crashes very quickly. Also the cpu and ram are both water cooled. I'm thinking i should definately be able to get more out of it. Can anyone please help me.
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you will have a harder time overclocking as you are using all 4 ram slots to get you OC stable you will have to bump your CPU/NB voltage and dram voltage and may have to run your ram at a slow speed
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