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My fault, I just copypasted it, did it thru services. But why its bad doing it with msconfig?
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thanks but still can't find anything like this (im on a german OS) Maybe someone can call some examples?

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My fault, I just copypasted it, did it thru services. But why its bad doing it with msconfig?

USE AT OWN RISK, and when in doubt, do 1 service at a time, then reboot and check if everything works (eg, you know what you just did to break it / enable the service to fix it)

use services.msc, sort the processes, put everything that is currently running/started on top.

start with the first service you see, look it up on

-if you need it, or something you do need is depending on it, leave it be
-if you dont need it, check its settings
*if its on automatic, put it on manual, so programs can still "start" it when needed (for example, spoolserv, if you dont print ever... you dont use it ever, or the home group thing, firewall, windows defender rolleyes.gif)
*if its on manual, yet still started, some other service or program (that is depending on it) started it when they needed it.. only if you are REALLY REALLY sure you dont need a service, you can just disable it.

i did it like that, and currently i have windows 7, with 45 processes running, whilst im typing this.

heres a view on the windows services that are currently NOT runnign on my system biggrin.gif

voila, now you can make absolutely sure that system resources arent taken by stuff you dont use
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Hi guys do you think that setting a game to a high priority in task manager would cause increased input lag? Some people claim that it does and explain it that the process of the game consumes processor time and mouse drivers are delayed
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