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Originally Posted by Quesoblanco View Post this is not a bad deal for 200... biggrin.gif
nvm ur from the UK haha. frown.gif
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Its quite good for gaming. IMHO 60hz is more than enough for just gaming. Then again some people argue that its not enough and that 120hz is way smoother. But then again....thats subjective.
I've heard that too....but for most people its fine. (That being said I don't have one of the U series monitors myself so I can't personally comment)
And please use the edit button (pencil icon next to red flag on the bottom left of your post) instead of making multiple posts thumb.gif

I`m from Malta, which is even worse! The monitor I referenced from Dell is nearly 300 euro here! :O Compared to roughly 200 in UK tongue.gif

Thanks guys! Needed the reality check. Looks like I have no choice other than raising my budget and looking at the next price step range or seeing what I can get in the low end that still performs decently.