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CM Silent Pro Hybrid Sleeving question -

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hi all - i just got my new p/s today (in title) - as this is my first adventure in sleeving im not sure about this - what i wanted to ask is this - as im looking at my p/s cable, the wires are very twisted and if i follow a wire from one side to the other they dont plug into the same places on the corresponding plug - so what im wondering is should i do one cable at a time and just unplug it, sleeve it, and then plug it exactly where i unplugged it from and then move on to the next ? any help would be greatly appreciated -
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Thats what i did on my 1000w silent pro. You can also make a diagram, but it's not really worth the hassle. Even then you could get it wrong and poof!
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but then dont the wires end up all twisted ? i followed one wire that on one side was at the far left but on the other side it was in the middle -
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They will be twisted because that's how the manufacturer designed it. For some reason it hasn't occurred to psu manufacturers to make the pins one-to-one on the supply side of the cable (psu companies take notes, we don't care if the power supply is single sleeved, we just want one-to-one cables!).

Anyway, if you want your cables to not be twisted, you will need to make extensions like Lutro0's. This is basically the only way I know of to get flowing cables from a psu that has a screwy pinout.
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ok - thank you for your help -

so were you happy with the way it looked when you were done ?
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Not initially, its hard to get the perfect rainbow in a case like mine, especially with the sideways 24 pin on the mobo. All i can say is take your time. I can't stress enough how important it is to measure the wires correctly. A mm or 2 can make the difference between good cables and bad cables. Toss the heatshrink and go shrinkless. Dont waste your money on any crimpers other than MDPC or molex brand. Good luck!
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thats my worry too - getting the design i wanted wont be possible now without an extension - but thats why i wanted modular so i didnt need extensions - my case is the haf 932 so my 24pin is sideways too - im using paracord and i did get some mdpc heatshrink but not sure if i will use it or not yet - gonna do some practice wires to get the hang of it and then .....one at a time.....do my 24 pin first...i will post pics when im done - imite have to do an extension - idk - thanks again -
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OMG why in the hell cant i get any of these frickin cables out ? i have the mod-rite pin remover kit but i am having a hell of a time - i tried doing the p/s cables and they started breaking - now im trying the 8 pin power connecrion and pci-e cables and they will not come out - the tool is slipping in ok but no matter what i doicant get the cables to pop out - can anyone help me ? my fingers are starting to hurt ive been trying for two a day and a half now - mad.gif
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The modRight removers are crap (except the molex round remover).

You need this:

It is the molex official remover and it works absolute wonders. Its pricier, but it will save you so much pain.
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man i wish i would of known that before - i broke that pos modright pin remover - i ended up just cutting and putting new pins on - i have to order a few more pins but they should be here monday - im still gonna order that remover next week though so i can have a good one on hand - boy was that frustrating though - thanks for the link -
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