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IMG_20120908_192530-1697789182.jpg 1662k .jpg file

ok - the picture is of a drawing of the connectors - the top is drawn as it is listed in the sph850 booklet -i used colored pencils to try and match the color of the wires - i then followed each wire and numbered it on the other connector where it ended up - orientation is looking at them both from the top with the retaining clip on top - as you can see, if you follow them, they dont line up in a flip and rotate kind of way - why number 24 would start at an end and wind up in the middle is weird - does this pic help explain what im experiencing as far as the wires not "equalling out" ?
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As you can see in your drawing, only cables of the same colour are exchanged. They are physically connected to the same voltage source, no matter where they're plugged in.
So if you want to make your 24pin cable look cleaner, you can just swap the cables of the same colour.
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i was just gonna say i noticed that even though the numbers didnt match they were at least the same color - so basically if i follow the pic i drew and ignore the numbers and go by wire color i should be able to make it a pretty clean sleeving job correct ?
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Correct Sir thumb.gif

You chose the right PSU btw. It's the same pinout as the Silverstone Striders or the Corsair AX1200 have. It's also great that there are no "real" double wires in the 24pin connector. Gold certification and hybrid fan mode. From my point of view, there's no better model on the market and you couldn't have picked a better one wink.gif
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thank you very much for all your help - i will post a pic when i finally get it done - im much more confident now thanks to you biggrin.gif

and yea, gold certified and the hybrid fanless mode were why i bought it - and the full modular cables - and having the option to control 3 other fans is pretty slick - plus i got it with a 30 dollar rebate from newegg so after all is said and done it only ran me about 150 bucks - cnat wait to get it in my case and get my rig back up and running - hopefully before borderlands 2 comes out !

thanks again for your timeand patience - hey, one more question (i swear, lol) my vid card has 6 and 8 pin power connectors, which 6 + 2 should i use ? the 6 pin with the 8 wires coming from it with the dual 8 pin connectors and just remove one of them - or the 6 pin that has 6 wires with the 2 jumper wires at the 8 pin end ? im gonna sleeve these too of course - just curious which one is best or if its really just a matter of preference ?
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I'm glad that I could help smile.gif

I really don't know which cables you mean, probably because I've never really looked at the original cables.

Here's a list of the original cables:
M / B 24 pins x 1
CPU 4 + 4 pins x 2
PCI-e 6+2 pins x 6
SATA x 12
Peripheral 4 pins x 5
Floppy 4 pins x 1
Fan cable 3 pins x 3

Which ones do you mean?
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ok - the one on the left has 8 wires coming from the 6 pin connector and has two 6 + 2 connectors - the other one has just 6 wires with the 2 jumper wires to the +2 part of the connector - i was thinking id use the one with 8wires, remove the extra 6 + 2 connector and just use Lutro0's double wire sleeving method - seems like the 8 wire woild be more stable - any opinions ?
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Oh wow, I didn't know that the pci-e cables looked so messed up biggrin.gif

It totally depends how you like it.

Personally I would use the one with 8 cables for your 8pin connector. -> cut off the extra 6+2 and use Ontic's method to splice the double wires ( step 15 ++ )

And then I'd use the one with 6 cables for your 6pin. -> cut off the extra +2 part

That way you'll have two cables for your graphics card. One without any double wires for your 6pin pci-e connector and another one with 2 double wires which aren't on the end of the graphics card for your 8pin.

In fact, that's only the second option I'd take. I just had a better idea biggrin.gif
I would rather use 3 cables. Cut the +2 part off a single 6+2 cable for the 6pin pci-e connector.
Then do the same thing for the 8pin and use another 6+2 (or the one with double 6+2) to get the missing +2 part for the 8pin without any double wires at all.

That would be the cleanest version and suitable for heatshrinkless sleeving. thumb.gif
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man, excellent thinking ! thats exactly what im gonna do - i would ofnever thought of that - no double wire sleeving makes me happy- lol -
now i know i said one mre question, but i had a dream that after i sleeved my 24 pin cable my pc ble up - so i just wanna ask : when looking at the cable layout in the sph850 booklet, both ends of the 24 pin should look like the layout picture in the booklet correct ? like when i hold one end up and compare the color placement and values of the wires to the pic, when i hold the other end up and compare it should match the pic also correct ?

thanks again for your help and the great idea for the 8 pin pci-e - thumb.gif
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You dream about your pc blowing up? biggrin.gif
If you're scared that you might have done anything wrong, you could buy a very cheap power supply tester. I've got mine for ~10€ (-> 13$).
Or you measure the voltages with a cheap multimeter.

However, your thoughts are correct. The connectors should look identical, you can compare them to the layout in the booklet wink.gif
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