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i5 3570k Low Framerate

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I'm experiencing poor performance with the following build, regardless of my in-game settings on windows xp:

i5 3570k
560 ti 448 cores
520W Antec HCG PSU

I can only think of several possibilities as to what the reason might be. Either I need to upgrade to Win7, my PSU cannot handle the load(unlikely since no OC) or perhaps this ancient HDD I have is the culprit. Are there any BIOS settings I would need to change? I have the latest bios version F17. I'll be installing Win7 shortly, hopefully that works. Any input is appreciated.
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make sure all your drivers are up to date including nvidia drivers for your graphic card since you are using a 560 Ti and the DirectX is up to date, if you are saying you are getting low frame rate, i suggest you get MSI afterburner to monitor how your GPU behaves when you are in game, and also a CPU meter (i use CPU gadget) these stuff can help you determine where the fault is.
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Which game are you getting poor performance in?
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Just installed Win7. I have a noticeable improvement, but still not where it should be. My GPU usage hovers around 45-60 and my CPU usage ranges from 50 to just below 80. The game I'm currently testing is CSGO, where people with the same processor or a 2500k get a constant 299 fps. I'm running at a very low resolution(1024x768) with everything turned to low and I only get between 140-240. With XP I was dipping to as low as 110. What could the problem be?
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