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Next step upgrades? Needs opinions

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Alright guys, Take a look at my rig at the bottom. I think it's getting to be around that time where I need to come up with upgrade ideas for 2013... I plan on maybe getting something on black Friday/cyber Monday. Then my next upgrade time will probably be around Feb/March.

I'm thinkin I need a new motherboard and GPU. It's about that time the motherboard is over a year old, been folding alot on it with 4+2 phase power on it and I want something a little nicer.

I've also got a hefty 20+% overclock on my GPU so I figure anything less than a 670 wouldn't be worth the upgrade. I'm thinking just a single 680.



I figure its a good time to get everyone's advice and see what my options are.

I'd hope to spend less than $700 on this upgrade, that's quite a chunk of change for me...

I'm also thinking I might be in need of a new CPU cooler too. I've got a pretty old H50 I think...got it 2nd hand off OCN and it still works amazing! 4.5Ghz 55C max on the 2500k. Maybe another Antec 620?

Edit: I'll also be keeping my 2500k. It's a darn good chip and I think 4.5Ghz will last me some time. My only concern with upgrading with the LGA 1155 socket is for Haswell...if its an 8+ core chip which is a rumor, I might want something like that...
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just be wary that a new mobo might not yield better/similar results just saying smile.gif for the gpu would is be better to run two 580's in sli since some people are just trying to move them quickly for their upgrade, so i would consider that fact as well. as for the cooling solution maybe look into a h70 since it has a thicker radiator because the 620 will yield similar results since it is roughly 25mm for both of them (h50 & 620)
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Well I'm asking this q. Is it worth upgrading to a Z77 with a 1155 socket in 2013 or close to it when Haswell is supposedly supposed to come out 2013 or Q1 2014? Maybe Ivy refresh will yield lower temps and better results still on a 1155 socket so maybe it might be worth upgrading from the 2500k in 2013 to 2nd generation ivy... Who knows?

But its just my biggest delima is if I should get a new motherboard. I think the biostar would be a heck of alot better than my low end MSI.

Also on the GPU.

According to heaven 3.0 benchmarks, from stock clocks to my 945MHz overclock I've got a 25.5% performance increase. If I look at the 670, my max overclock on the 580 is about a stock 670 in performance terms. So it'd have to be a 680 for my next card. That'd be about 8.5% higher than my max overclock on my 580 compared to the 680 and then with overclock I'd get a good 15%+ higher performance with an overclocked 680. Which I think if I'm going to upgrade my rig, 15% increase in GPU performance would be a must.
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yeah. if you think its worth while until the upcoming year then its worth a shot. for the gpu i guess its going to dwell down to personal preference. imo i would say to stick to the 580 until the next gen of nvidia cards.
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