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I have and Asus p9x79 pro MB and i'm using the onboard sound though hdmi to a Asus pw201 monitor, however soon i have to move and will need to use headphones as to not disturb the kids.

I have about £300 pounds to spend but can extend that a little if need be by another 100

i want a good sound card for movies and online games about a 60 / 40 ratio atm

i will need a mic to use for mumble and Vent

I did have the Asus Vulcan ANC, which i liked being able to store em away from my young ones hands and disconnect the mic.

plus they were very comftable

as my setup needs to be quiet,

i thought about the Asus Xonar Essence stx for the graphics card, but i am not sure whic way to go with the headphones

i would like to hear the movies in 5.1 or 7.1

so would another setup be better

would a seperate headphone and mic setup give me more quality per pound than a combined one.

games i play tend to be WOW, GW 2, RPG stuff mainly

Music i don;t listen to really cept in movies

any help would be appreciated.