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Well people recommend the CM Hyper 212 EVO and for the price is it well enough said i think. Thats a good choise in my opinion but ill look for some more and maybe some tips
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My PSU is ugly and unused ass well and performs good. You should try your old one and see. A 500w psu is only 50$...or euros
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Indeed hyper 212 is good. Perfect bang for the bug but you can get more bang for more bug at noctua... D14 is the best aircooler(ever)
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Ok but if I get the new case with the fans and stuff and the PSU cooler and OC it. When do I see or how do I see when my power supply can't handle it? will it just shut off? And for help with OC I will ask you when i have all the stuff i need wink.gif
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I shall look for it now thank you.
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No prob. I like heping people...

I guess it indeed will shut off. It can't do anything else can it? (using my phone now so typing sucks )

What site are you ordering at (grammatical mistake tongue.gif) wanna take a look around there
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Hahaha no problem, hmm yeah a bit more expansive if I would like to buy the case and a new psu and that cooler I'm gonna need around 280,- euro's hahah but yeah need to wait one month for it ;/ hehe
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I buy my case+fans in november. For my birtday (around 250 if I take corsair AF120...)
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Ok nice;)
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Wait euros???

What country are you in?
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