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Is an SSD portable?

I have 2 older computers (8 and 5 years old, respectively) but can only afford one SSD. Question, Can I clone the XP + 140GB of stuff on the first computer BUT install the SSD in the "newer" computer? BTW the first one has a P4 chip and the "newer" one has a AM2 chip in case it makes a difference. Reason is I would like to take advantage of upgrades installed 2 years ago in the "newer" one. Thanks
The question is not if whether the SSD is portable or not, but is if the OS is portable or not to different hardware configurations. And that depends on a few thing, like licensing, drivers and compatibility, etc. You may be able to, or you may have an issue with it. I have been able to swap out to different chipset motherboards before but that was from intel -> intel chipset 1 generation apart with Windows 7.
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Curious though I am not an expert as i barely put together my 1st rig 2 days ago. Kinda of an outer body experience..lol. tongue.gif

Thanks for your response, I guess I will have to part ways with the upgraded "newer" gaming computer and sell off the parts for maybe $100. I truly need the info in the older one but the chipset in my older HP a1319h does not have much more room to improve from what I 've already done to it. I am sure the SSD will be wonderfully fast when compared to the 9 minute startup time I currently have to wait.

Thanks again:thumb:
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