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my fans top out around 65 percent. no louder than my vapor x was
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I have bought a 7950 Vapor-X and without setting the power limit to +20, it throttles at stock clocks. The temps are 60C/56% fan speed, 1.056V. If I use the boost bios it runs ~675MHz core clock with all default settings. What is going on>???
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I dont see edit so, I should mention it has full voltage control.
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Can you please run Trixx, click "save bios" and send this file to me. (i think about first bios non boost)
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Sure, but I most likely wont have a chance to do so until Wednesday.
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Great, you have my email in privat message
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So does anyone have any idea on this throttling issue?

Sapphire support responded twice within minutes of me sending a message [literally, minutes] and basically went straight to RMAing it..

I'd rather avoid that if the card is fine, though, obviously..
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what size power supply do you have?
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600w, but that cant be the issue. Raising the power limit lets it run faster, meaning the power is available.
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But it throttles only on second boosted bios?
Use Afterburner's OSD to show onscreen gpu clock...
For me i have only 850mhz until set powerlimit to +20%, then get boost to 950mhz.
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