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Well yeah it runs fine at those speeds until the VRM reaches 110c, which causes the core/mem to drop to 500/800 until it goes down.
Ill try flashing the boost bios which I dont use. What tool do I use though?

I found the XT2 in case you were wondering, here: http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/125085/Sapphire.HD7970.3072.120717.html
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Do you have c++ amp (if I ain't mistaken its needed)
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I use AtiWinFlash and it said successful, restard. I restarted, and its still got the same everything. Hmm..
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Ugh, used ATIFlash and now no programs recognize the GPU, although it must be working as I dont have onboard video...
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This XT2 bios give me black screen/no boot. Tried one week ago...

AND look what i found - he tells that vrm1 is not that what we thinking about:
Looks like vrm1 is only small on the left side of gpu!
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Hmm. I've tried these bios:

Vapor-X Boost

All sapphire Bios, of course. Same result, not recognized. I guess I can try a few 7950 Bios or otherwise we're left to hardware changes
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But works on second bios?
Have original copies of yours?
I have checked all bioses and only sapphire oc 950mhz works with our vapor-x cards

Dont use winflash!
Atiflash -p 0 -fp -fs biosfilename.rom
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Yeah I used Atiflash for all of those to be sure, since I got S/N mismatch or something before.

However... I have, maybe... good news?

I used the 7950 OC Edition [925MHz] and I am running 1200/1.125v with no throttling. Temps are ever so slightly lower, but most importantly the VRM temp limit is increased. 113c is the highest it went so far, no throttle. [@63%fan]

Unless it is throttling in a way that isnt showing up on MSIAfterburners monitoring tool, the temps are absolutely lower.

100% Fan
1150 core
VRM range 102-110 [Throttling prevents higher]

73% Fan
1200 core
VRM range 105-110

63% Fan
1200 Core
VRM range 106-108

Only problem with this bios is the absurdly low memory limit of 1575! Also a core limit of 1200! Hopefully I can use the ATI bios editor thing to increase that..

Also noticed the power limit is quite a bit higher. Before I needed +8 power limit for 1150/1.058 or whatever. Now I only need +5 for 1200/1.100
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Im not sure that vrm1 is this with big heatsink
He have 950mhz ver, but look at screen descriptions
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Ah, so what do you think it is that is making the reported temps lower ? If more sensors were available I'm sure they'd be in use... but I suppose its possible that VRM1 is now a different device being reported, in which case the real VRM1 could be burning up for me xD

Im running bitcoin miner right now @ 1200 core 1.093v, 104-105c!
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