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I must find someone with 7970 vapor-x and ask about stock voltage and vrm temps,
because our 7950 card have custom 7970pcb.
And yes it is second version of 7950 vapor-x i think, the old one looks

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@Adam: My ASIC is only 87.8%! Haha, I thought that was good. Guess not tongue.gif.

Did using the 950mhz edition BIOS lower your VRM temps as it did to mine?

Good question on the 7970 Vapor-X. I've been trying to find what kind of cooling other brands have for the VRM1 and its very difficult. It seems most are barren or cooled by a support beam...

@SonDa5: Well the memory is attached to the primary heatsink. This probably hurts its idle temps only, not load temps. If the heatsink is sitting at around 35c at idle, then the memory should be about 35c as well, while with no heatsink at all it might idle a bit lower. However under load it should be superior to a small, separate finned heatsink like most other coolers.

VRM is separate from memory cooling on this card, which is probably why the VRMs run so dang hot. The other coolers that have a HS covering a large portion of the PCB for memory can handle the VRMs, while this one is too small.

Okay, here is the Sapphire 7970 Vapor-X 6GB PCB

Notice the heatsink for VRM1. It also has the Black Diamond chokes next to it. What is the blue plastic stuff by the power connectors?

Large thermal pad for [VRM2?]

The backplate for this card does not appear to do anything for VRM1.

As for the Sapphire 7970 Vapor-X 3GB -- it's PCB & cooling appear to be EXACTLY the same as ours. 8+6 power too.

Here's some links to other VRM coolers.
Sapphire 7950 FLeX

HIS 7950 IceQ


PowerColor PCS+
^Uhh..... nothing???

Looks like if they had made the support bar a little longer or thicker there would be no issues here :/
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Originally Posted by Derpinheimer View Post

@Adam: My ASIC is only 87.8%! Haha, I thought that was good. Guess not tongue.gif.
Did using the 950mhz edition BIOS lower your VRM temps as it did to mine?

Yeah, it shows max 95C (max fan 47%) 1100@1.056v
instead of max 105C (max fan 53%) 1100@1.006v on standard V03 bios.
But on standard bios i can 1100@1.006v, and the other comes with 1.056v std and crashed after changing to 1.006v
That was after one loop of Unigine Heaven

Memory on 1.5v thinking.gif with this 925mhz bios
Still waiting for newer bios for my Tahiti Pro2
Bios from vapor-x v03 shows 015.025................
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So with the original bios, you could run

1100@1.006v but at 105c/53% fan

But now, with the 925MHz bios [Oops, sorry, I thought it was 950 this whole time! I wonder how that one might work], you can run

1100@1.056 but at 95c/47% fan

Thats good, even if it requires more voltage. You should be able to get the core up a bit more now, right?

Also, thanks for pointing out the memory voltage. I had no idea. Mine still worked @ 1800 with 1.5v.
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I just get throttling on vrm1@112C to 500mhz on gpu...
I think Gpu-z just reads wrong VDDC on Tahiti Pro2, after setting 1.1v just show 1.0v, after setting 1.2v show 1.1v...

Must check 950mhz PROH version bioses now
http://www.techpowerup.com/vgabios/121396/Sapphire.HD7950.3072.120402.html shows only windows 7 boot screen...

EDIT: Fixed fan 53% - VRM1 97C, VRM2 64C, GPU 58C but artifacting on 1100@1.056v

EDIT2: Flashed back with original vapor-x V03 bios, and yes 1150@1.006v powerlimit +20% Custom fan profile (60C-70%, 80C and more 100%)
Until i get new bios for vapor-x i sitting on it with locked voltage
In BF3 i always get lower temps on vrm, so i don't need nothing more at this moment.

After 3 loops of Heaven, damn just look at the voltage of my Tahiti PRO2:

And i found that 80mm fan on the other side of card where is this big vrm heatsink dropping vrm1 temp about 10-12C !!! just put it on the card and look at temps...
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Nice voltage man! I'm running 1.075 @ 1200 ATM, VRM1 sits around 107c usually though.

I tried moving that fan over where VRM1 is, and it increased temps a lot.

VRM1+VRM2 both went up, and VRM1 hit 115c > throttled. Not sure how that makes sense. My theory is that VRM2's heatsink helps VRM1 a slight bit [as they are connected], so keeping it cool helps reduce VRM1 temps, indirectly. Quite odd that it was such a drastic change in temps though.

Nevermind that theory, they arent connected.

***? How does that even happen then.

I'll have to try your setup.

Otherwise I'm gonna go for the copper heatsink idea I showed above.
Do you have any idea how much space there was above VRM1 between the support plate and the GPU heatsink fins? Hopefully a lot, so I can either put on a couple copper heatsinks, or if there isnt much space I could try connecting it to the fins, although thats likely not going to do much.

I havent opened mine up as I dont want to do so until I've got a plan.
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I don't understand why your went up with temps when additional cooling comes on the other side and dont disturb with original fan...

It is about 15mm between vrm1 and cooler fins

Little bit angry after some session in BF3 and some freezes, went down with clock to 1125mhz.
But memory stays at 1800 tongue.gif

Ok i found one stupid thing with voltage on V03 bios.
When i set powerlimit to +20% i can't change it still showing 1.006v
When i set powerlimit to 0%, can control voltage, but core clock stay on 850mhz...
So with powerlimit +10 or +15 both core clock and voltage floating like waves on the sea ...
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Well the temps are helped by the fan, its just that the fan has to be over VRM2 and not VRM1.

15mm between VRM1 and the fins is GREAT. Thats enough for a moderately large heatsink. Are you sure???

Ohhh, I looked at my card.. I thought VRM 1 was on the other side of the card. Wow, I can touch VRM1 on the PCB backside and its not anywhere remotely close to the 110c being reported. The VRM2s are hotter, I cant put my finger on them. VRM1 is just hot. So maybe it is a software problem, or that isnt VRM1 i'm touching xD

Also, I have a stupid problem with clocks on youtube. I am running bitcoin miner in background @ 1200mhz core, but if I watch a youtube video it drops to 850mhz as long as it is playing? WTH?

Damn, went thru about 15 other BIOS and none worked :[ Looks like the Sapphire 925MHz is the best.

I had my hopes up on the 950MHz. the VRM1 temperature was going up suuuuuper slow, like snails pace. But it just wouldnt stop going up.. lol.
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Me and others vapor-x users waiting for answer from sapphire support. Many of us have problem with no working boost until additional power limit setting...
So i think all the wrong things sitting in the bios. Maybe they can correct vrm temps little bit, as we can see different temps in different bioses flashed in our cards...


And little bit about 7970 vapor-x vrm temps:
nice and low
So why vrm temps so differ between those two / just want to ask them about 7970 bios versions...
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Its really hard to say what's wrong.

I would say the sensor they use is defective on most cards, except that 7950s and 7970s of many brands run pretty high on VRM1 [80-90C overclocked], so then I think maybe the weak VRM heatsink is the thing to blame...

But maybe it is the bios, considering temps are different between them all.

try for yourself, touch the area above VRM1 while your PC is running and it claims very high temps. to me I would say its not even quite hot... just uncomfortably warm.

makes no sense.

i was going to get that copper heatsink and try it out, but now that it looks more like a software issue...
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