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Hard drive shows up in BIOS, but not windows? - Page 5

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I didn't know how it fixed my issue too!!

My three hard drives cannot be detected in OS but deteced in BIOS. Tried changing SATA cables and power supply but no luck also tried reformatting in different OS. Thank you AndyP for this magic trick! This is the only thing that worked!

Registered here just to thank you!

You deserve a trophy!!
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Made an account just to rep AndyP's solution!
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Also an AndyP supporter - wish I would have known this years ago!
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First off I would like to thank AndyP! He is a god among men and will forever be remembered for his dumb luck! After having to replace my psu and cleaning the whole inside of my computer I thought I was done until I saw my E drive was missing! Needless to say after a lot of tinkering I came across this post and gave it a try. To my surprise it worked! I don't care how old this thread is AndyP is a god among men and should be worshiped forever!
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Originally Posted by AndyP View Post

I've just had a similar problem. I installed Windows 8 on a new computer with just drive C installed and then added my extra SATA drives to copy my data from the old PC. They were recognised in the BIOS but didn't show in Device Manager or Administrative Tools. New Motherboard, new disks so no old incompatabilities.

My fix was purely by accident. I was in Admin Tools and saw "Memory Diagnostic Tools" and clicked on it as I've never seen it before.

After Windows rebooted after the test, all my drives were there!

Why it worked I have no idea but it did. Hope this helps.

Hey, just had this issue and logged on to say that you're the man and it fixed my issue exactly as you said it would! Great work!
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Andy P is the MAN. It worked like a charm even with an older HDD. Keep up the good work, I am sure you are a friend to all in this thread. biggrin.gif
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ANDYP - Drinks are on me. Wow never seen this problem before and your fix was nails.

Created account just to say many, many thanks!

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Same as everyone else made an account for this, andyP you are doing Gods work here son 👏
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You the man ANDYP
Same here just made an account to say thanks
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