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Catleap Q270 replacement board?

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After replacing stand, I might have connected power supply wrong way or shortened something --> smoke coming out the board. Does anybody sell replacement boards on ebay? (I remember people were signing up for 100hz version, so I assume somebody must sell them; I would be happy with ordinary working board).
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I've come across a few posts about this after readinghundreds of these threads all over the internet lol

Apparently, however, unless someone manages to put one up on eBay, your best bet is going to be messaging one of the eBay sellers and asking them to sell one to you. I've seen some people have success with red cap and accrssorieswhole regarding this issue. Good luck
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red-cap appears not to accept inquiries, does anybody have his email by any chance?

Does the manufacturer (WITECH) has any emails to purchase it directly from them?

Would board from other manufacturer work -- I'm willing to mount it outside the shell if it doesn't fit? (The only connector plug incompatibility I suspect is power&brightness controls).
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Trying (so far unsuccessfully) to get replacement board to revive second monitor. I'm providing certain merchant with the model number -- Yamakasi Catleap 2560x1440 WITECH Q270 LED SE, and getting replies
Hello,thank you for your interest. if you can buy some parts, give us the your sold number. Thank you.

and then
Hello,thank you for your interest. Basically we offer a service for buyer purchase from us.
Because we also need to ask it from manufacturer. Thank you.

What is sold number, can it be HY-2560M-DP_C REV.02 printed on board?

IMG_0903.JPG 2838k .JPG file

P.S. Although there was smoke coming when I connected power supply (not sure due to wrong polarity, or shortage caused by internal stress of alternative mounting), there is no visible sign of damage. Anybody familiar with internal schematics to advise which voltage points to measure?

IMG_0902.JPG 1635k .JPG file
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There was someone who had a similar issue with his power board and got s replacement from red cap. He inspected his board with a microscope and found that the board apparently had some form of eeprom hard wired into it? When I get hone ill see if I can find it. I might have the wrong bart on the board but I'll check. I honestly don't think.you could replace it though.

As far as other boards go, every board should work interchangeably because they all carry the same panel..finding an osd board to match shouldn't be hard if you have the main board either. But I think in the manual for these boards from witech, analog control.of the backlight is indeed possible if you're getting into some DIY business

I'm on my phone, but I'll throw up some solid info later
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I have the exact same problem as OP. After reseating every cable in hopes to resolve intermittent effects & flickering issue, I connected the 4pin power connector without realizing that the power was on. I saw smoke coming out from one of the chips on the board. Now the power led is blinking red and it wouldn't turn on. I think I fried it frown.gif Any suggestion is appreciated.
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If you have your e-bay purchase number (I assume this is what green-sum asks), you can contact the seller, and they should sell you replacement board. Not sure how speedy the process is -- I just went down and bought the whole enchilada.

P.S. My power-led indicator doesn't even lights up, it blinks red on disconnect.
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I contacted greensum last night. Hopely he will respond soon. I take you bought a brand new monitor instead of searching for replacement? I might have to consider doing so as well if the cost of replacement is too high...
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