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Picked up a bargain

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Hi guys,

Joined the forum today and have posted in the newbie section. Hoping to get some advice from experienced sub-zero coolers!

Been planning a cube case watercooled build for a while but ebay through a spanner in the works a few days ago when a LD case and phase came up for a rather good price smile.gif Needless to say it has been purchased and hopefully making a road trip this weekend to pick it up *excited*

I have done a lot of research over the last few days and this forum has been a great help. As i'm sure you all know doing this for the first time I am really concerned about insulating properly and not killing anything in the process. I think I have come up with a plan, by taking pieces from various guides I have read and would like to put it forward for advice/criticism.

Eventually going to be cooling a AMD 1055t on a crosshair iv (nothing special I know but we all have to start somewhere right!?) but first up I will experiment with my old Athlon2 x2 250 and M4a785tdv-evo.

Proposing on using the rubber eraser method to start with, packing in around the socket and a good few inches outwards. I believe I will need a sheet of neoprene on top of this and also paper towels? For the back I will also use the same eraser method with more neoprene. Main questions with this is how thick should the neoprene be? If I cant get it thick enough will layers of thinner material be ok? And do the paper towels go between the eraser and neoprene or on top on the neoprene?

When I am happy with it all working I will start my build with the 1055t, I plan to use this almost 24/7 and will most likely have it folding a lot of the time. For 24/7 use I am considering using liquid electrical tape on the back of the socket to replace the eraser (mainly for neatness and looks) and also thinking about melting some vaseline into the socket itself. Is this necessary, I really dont want to take any chances and hoepfully it won't be dissasembled that much.

Sorry for the long first post, I hope I'm on the right track!! Will get pictures up as soon as this awesome case is in my possesion thumb.gif
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Was it the white one on the bay for £350 buy it now by anychance?
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Hi Frosty, yes it was. Haggled a bit and got £30 off! Good price? Seems unused as listed but will inspect when I collect Sunday.

Got your pm, thanks. Will reply properly later as in work at the minute
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