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It shows the ports as 169950 (but the card, an LP-P40011 4port low profile card) is actually a 16550 UART), and it "sort of" works. When I fire up a terminal program to the port and another machine, in one direction, regardless of the key pressed, I get nothing but "space" and when I press a key on the other machine (a Windows box), I get no input at all.

I didn't see any Linux drivers on the SIIG site, but Ubuntu acted like it didn't need any.

If SIIG doesn't work under Linux, are there any other recommendations for 2, 4, or 8 port cards that will work under Linux (preferably Ubuntu 12.x and/or x-linux 5.4 or 5.7 and/or Slackware 13.x)?


Well, the geeks at SIIG got back to me and said that they don't support Linux. So unless someone knows a hack, I guess I have to now focus on getting a card that will work.

Anyone tried cards? They say they support Linux.
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