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You sound like you already made up your mind but you don't really need a sound card these days. Onboard audio has come a long way and good headphones can make even low quality tracks sound great. You can get surround from realtek audio too btw. I use it.
Bottom line, it's better to buy $300 headphones than $150 headphones and a $150 sound card.

I agree you have to have great speakers/headphones but I wouldn't skip out on a sound card either. Not to mention just because onboard soundcards have closed the gap doesn't mean there isn't a difference. You also get much better technologies such as Dolby.
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Sounds reasonable smile.gif
How about the more expensive Asus soundcards though? If they are worth the extra juice, I'll just save up for one of those. Also, I'm into aesthatics A LOT, so I'd like those fancy covers they come in tongue.gif

I wouldn't recommend going any higher quality sound card unless you plan on upgrading your headphones and speaker setup soon. Even if you got better headphones I would only pick up a nice headphone amp to push them to their full potential, if needed.
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