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i was actually thinking about having a custom piece of 1/4" thick glass cut to sit over top of it
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today i started off by finishing up the top box to house the fans when i got an early delivery from everyone's favorite company The Almighty EGG

AsRock Fatality P67 motherboard
Antec Kuhler h20 620
OCZ Solid 3 60gb
and 5 silverstone 120mm fan grills/filters.

The beauty never had a full atx board before only matx and may i say this thing is HUGE.

a picture of the top piece with all the fans installed. the 120mm are intake fans the the 250mm is the exhaust fan

and just a quick pic of the setup for now .

things to get yet are 24 pin extension, 6/8 pin extensions, plexi/lexan, 2 momentary buttons and an on/off button for cathods. all which i will get tomorrow so hopefully i can finish this thing up. I also realized that i will have to move my monitors down about 6 inches to be center with the desk only problem is there is no studs there to mount them. so i figured i would mount them to a 2" x 6" piece of lumber then mount the lumber to the wall. check back tomorrow for another update
Well thats it for now check back tomo
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so im almost finished with everything got a few extensions to make a couple brackets for the hdd's/ssd and the radiator but other than that im done looks great so far oh yea and i need to do some cable management but i need to make my extensions before that. anyway i have some pictures of what it looks like completed at this point so have a look.
It is a little dark in the case because one of my cathodes is going out so time to get some new ones.

I will keep updating this log as I get more work done on this but it wont be as frequent as it has been seeing how its almost done.
thanks for looking
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Looking good. But I'd suggest for the finished product and a better flow ofthe static air in there is do a wire clean up. Maybe tuck them behind or even lay the flat on the bottom board and use something like a zip tie with a screw hole on te end of it to make it look like a piping would for electircal workers. This way it's not strung across the top of the board.
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I still have to do the extensions first in order to do cable management some of the wires are to short to reach places so i have them just thrown in but for the end product hopefully you wont be able to see any wires
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just ordered a 24 pin extension for the psu. i am going to add about 6 inches to the pci power cables so i can actually place the psu in a spot where it will stay. I am also in the process of making a false bottom to cover up all the wires. i have also managed to get the radiator mounted to the front right intake fan in a push/pull config. i will update with more pics tomorrow just wanted to keep this updated
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another UPDATE

i got the 24 pin extension the other day then i decided to sleeve it so i went and got some royal blue paracord. ive been sleeving everything the past couple days and i still aint finished. also i made a stand for the 2 hdds and a stand for the ssd out of plexi and moved the radiator to one of the intake vents to give it better airflow. i then wanted to hide the wires in the front a little better so i decided to make a cover that slides inbetween the motherboard and the tray spray painted that and then added a nice backlit AsRock logo to it. let me know what you guys think.

just a shot of the custom made 5850 backplate
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i need to hide the wires coming from the psu so i made a nice cover. i also ordered some led strips since my cathodes died the other day. tomorrow i will make another cover for the other side of the motherboard.

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could any one please help me come up with a name for the build. any suggestions are welcome
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