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Hello all, first time poster ~2 month lurker
I recently got tired of laptops and built my first desktop to play games on and do other more productive things on, While I have already built the desktop itself, I plan to chronicle the modding that happens to this Antec one hundred gaming series. Most modifications will be aesthetics because I am quite pleased with the functionality of this case as it stands.

So without further delay here is my computer as it stands and the first step of this mod
The specs are
Corsair 650tx non modular
XFX 6850 DD edition
corsair vengeance 8gb
ASROCK pro4/mvp
crucial 64gb
something something 500gb mechanical harddrive

So my plans for this build are to
A. Do a theme of black and white maybe a bit of color here and there.
B. water cooling :>
C. Possibly a plexiglass window depending on how ambitious I feel

So first step is to repaint the front panel for the computer
I am repainting all of the black mesh to flat white
So here are the black mesh panel grill things ready to be painted.
Tomorrow the plan is to go get some flat white spray paint and then some white para cord to see if I want to do para cord with this build or get some mdpc cable sleeving