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first delve into w/c build(pic heavy)

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alrighty lets get started, never w/c'd before so this is more of a build log for me but i know i already have questions... i began today with first purchases of what is the hot loop of my system. i'm not too saavy on w/c terms so please forgive me if i mislabel a term here. what i mean by hot side is that i will be using a 60watt tec with a cooler master hyper n520 h/s submerged in my res. .
cm h/s disassembled for submersion.
next up is the rad for the hot side cooling of the tec.... i'm not sure if i cheaped out, but i bought a h60 and used a matched pair of fans from my old antec 900v1 to be a push/pull config.
i kinda went cheap on this because for the cold side i know i'll be going either 240 or 360
here's the goal....
i'm only cooling the cpu for now, so its just cpu - rad(240 or 360)- res - pump, the tec cold side is just submerged to assist in cooling the res, that is simply 140 push/pull and cold side is the cm n520 submerged in the res.
since im sure the many keen eyes here will notice i have removed the lines from the closed h60.... it's because i will need longer lines than supplied with the kit and i'll be putting an inline fill tee fitting in that loop later.
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after doing some staring at the case i decided to move the optical down, instead of leaving it in the upmost bay. But first i needed to remove the top .. to my surprise i found this
and this at the rear handle rivets
which actually surprised me, since the quality of this case has been top notch so far. with front panel removed (and unused tool/parts carrier tray removed), the optical was easly to get to fit in place.
now it tucks nicely behind the cm storm logo'd snap on cover. I am pleased with this move, kinda adds a tad of stealth while cleaning the front of the case back up so that all the covers are still on it.
from inside
ssd cage put back in OE position
i'll be moving that ssd cage as well, just not sure where to yet.
and this is it for today
all bays are now available for the w/c components.
i'm putting a 240 rad in the front beacuse.... until i make some taller feet for the case , i dont like the idea of blowing hot air down(using the bottom mounting spot) and sucking it into the psu. and i dont have enough room to top mount AND retain the handle. So for now i'll be doing the single 240 hidden behind the front panels in a push config.
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woot for the mailman! couple parts came in today which meant doing some quick mock ups and minor modifications. first ..... i pulled the trigger on a sniper prior to martins waterblock roundup
review and while it may not be the top shelf block around i'm hoping it'll perform fine for my little rig.
this is my first block ever and i really hope it does well for me.
next up, i'm having mixed thoughts on this , but unless it performs horribly them i will be totally happy with it.
these are not the fans i'll be using, i just mounted them for now to get a good feel for the space needed.
after very minor mods i got the rad to slip in very easily, i'll have to take it apart and fasten it to the frame hopefully this weekend.
and with the rad about 1/2" from the bottom of the esata port unit i still have a decent amount of room left between the bottom of rad to top of optical.
I'm still undecided on fittings, at first i was looking at powerbits mixed with some koolance qdc's, but im reading that the qdc's are restrictive and i do not know now.I like the monsoons too , so i'm lost on what fittings to go with just yet.
next up i suppose will be a chiller , which while waiting to buy it and do a little re configuring in the case will also give me some time to dig around some more on fittings.
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Yesterday I picked up the cnc'd cell cast i got for the res..
Began sanding the edges, and probably wont finish sanding til the weekend as i have gotten a virus i think from my friends baby.
The original place i tried to buy some acrylic from recommended this stuff to put it together with.
I've never worked with this stuff before, so i hope i dont bugger this up. any tips?? I'm almost to the point where i'm ready to get fittings and tubing. I still am very unsure of what pump i'll need, and so i wont know exactly what fittings i'll need until i actually have the pump picked out and its location. No, i didnt sketch this out before i began, as i dont have or know how to use any cad software yet. AND, to be honest im not 100% sure of pump placement within the loop.
Can i do like so>>>>>>> cpu>tee fitting to a little fill port(highest point in loop)>240 rad>pump(lowest point in loop)>res(tec chill assisted).
I am still trying to search on fittings as i originally was wanting to go the koolance qdc's, but after some reads the word is they are restrictive, just wish i knew how restrictive. Thats it for now.
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