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Hey, I recently got this game and i like Tekken but It's as if the PS3 version runs with no Anti-Aliasing at all!

I see jagged edges on the characters and in the background and I have set my screen settings to 1080p on a 1080p television.

Does anyone else experience this on the PS3 or the Xbox 360 most importantly?

I heard that if you turn off motion blur that 2x AA will activate which I'm about to test, I'll post If this works to notify people how to fix the Jagged Edges If this solves the problem.

I can take some Jagged edges but this is beyond what I've played with before.

Great game though.

I think turning it off helped it a little bit, either that or I managed to get used to the jagged edges, I think the AA got enabled because It looks a lot better than It previously did.

Do not let this put you of the game It's excellent!
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