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Hello everybody!

So, I have a LGA 1366 setup (Asus P6T) I am using for a Hyper-V test environment. Everything works peachy but I am out of SATA ports and I would also like to move my 830 drives to SATA 3 ports. My board only has SATA 2.

What to do? I don't need RAID, I just need a card that has 4 6G SATA ports on it, that's it.

I was looking at this card: I just wanted to make sure that I can connect drives to it without RAID and with TRIM support. I have PCI-E 1-16x available for connectivity.


EDITOkie dokie, here's another option. I pick up a M1015 for the same price as the rocket raid card, I flash it with the LSI9211 IT firmware, all my disks are now in passthrough mode (TRIM support, yes?), I buy you dinner, we go see a movie and what happens after that is enitrely up to you.

Is this a sound scheme?
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