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Polling rate becomes unstable when cpu is under load

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I have run into a problem with my mouse where the polling rate becomes more unstable when my cpu is under load.

This, of course, becomes a pretty large issue because running a game puts your cpu under load.

I am using a wmo and I have ruled out mouse pad, the mouse itself, usb ports, or anything of that nature.

Graphics: EVGA 9800gtx+
Motherboard: EVGA 750i FTW
Cpu: Q6600
Power supply: BFG Tech ES-800

This happens while at stock settings or while oc'd.
The variance in polling rate increases relative to cpu load. It happens at any polling rate though the variance increases with the polling rate.

I have tried multiple different mouse rate checkers.

Is there anyway I can fix this or at least lessen it's effects?
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Helps to read entire OP.

Is this a recent thing? have you been using the mouse like this for a while? something you tried to do recently?

I have noticed these effects when dropping usb dll's in my system32 folder that are outdated for the purpose of changing rates.

These files get updated for a reason.
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I have. I am running it a 250mhz right now as it gives the best combination of stability/lag/malfunction speed. 125mhz is too low and 500 mhz too unstable. But 250 still isn't as stable as I would like it as it spikes every now and then.
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It occurs with another mouse at stock settings as well. I am using what I believe to be the latest version of hidusbf with Windows 7. I am not sure how long this has been going on as I never really bothered to check before. I noticed when I switched from my g9 to a wmo and changed the polling rate.
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Whta do you mean by notice? does it put a real hindrance on mouse performance? some fluctuation is normal.. unless the mouse sucks...
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I just thought my ability to aim was really inconsistent. but the fluctuation is high enough to matter, especially at 500mhz. Most of the time it's pretty okay, only varying 5-40mhz. But it spikes sometimes enough to cause the mouse to skip. Since it's linked to cpu usage it is just really variable.

And by notice I mean I checked the polling rate with a rate checker to see if the fix was applied. That g9 was the first mouse I had used to play fps with so I never really knew it felt wrong.
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Lol, I am pretty sure this isnt really an issue, just a concern.

Dont worry about it until your mouse starts bugging out and neg accelerating in the wrong direction.
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If your mouse randomly goes from ~500 rate to 160 to 1000, that seems like a problem. Especially since it's related to cpu usage. It is a completely noticable thing. I am looking for a solution not for some to tell me not worry about it when they haven't provided a good reason why I shouldn't. Either something is causing the program to be wrong, or I am right and the response time of my mouse is wildly fluctuating, which would definitely have an effect on it's usability.
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Using the "CPL mousefix"?
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^ Absolutely nothing to do with polling rate.

I believe it might be an issue with the Nvidia controller. I could recall others having a similar issue.
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