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Hi guys,

New member here, but been reading your forums as a guest for a long time. And due to the hours of research I bought the following computer last week:

Asrock 77Z Pro 3 motherboard
i7 3770k unlocked 3.5Ghz
16GB Kingston 1600Mhz DDR3 ram
120GB SSD systen disc
1TB storage disc
Sapphire HD7850 860Mhz edition

I run 2 LG IPS 235V 23" screens off of the 2 DVI ports on the HD7850 at full resolution 1980*1080.

Just for fun I found myself a nice 17GB full HD Blu-ray movie and tried playing it. It played beautifully in VLC on the left screen.

So I wanted to watch a movie today and decided to watch it on the right screen and suddenly, when I full-screened the movie, it started lagging. Not much, but enough to be very noticeable and annoying. I moved the same movie, while it was playing to the left screen and the lag disappeared immediately.

So I thought it was a port problem. But here's what's interesting. If I center the VLC player between the two screens with 50/50 image on each screen and run it in - not fullscreen - but full resolution (still 1920*1080), then the video doesn't lag at all. But weirdly, as soon as I fullscreen on the right screen it starts lagging slightly, but on the left screen, there's no such problem.

So that's the real life issue. Now what can be causing this issue and has anyone ever experienced that before?

Thank you for your input.