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Okay, im in a huge battle with myself over the GS3 and the One X yet, as of now im just looking at the OneX since its cheaper and the T3 version should be out soon. Im not very well versed in the ways of hardware so im curious as to the better performance of overclocking. Would overclocking the dual-core fix the lag when playing roms? i heard that the T3 is a bit slower with normal everyday tasks and im wondering if overclocking, rooting, or some other type of hacking would fix this. If there is anything you can tell me about how to make either phones minor problems, please let me know.

and if you are really dead set on the GS3 voice your opinion here. my only quarrels are the lack of speaker sound, lack of backlight, washed out colors, and i think i read something about the keyboard, although im sure that can be changed.

Edit: my other thought was that the quad-core would last a lot longer than the S4 i terms of surviving the progression of software. correct me if im wrong

thanks a ton in advanced
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