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is an AMD board slower with 2 SSD drives in Raid 0 than an intel board and if so by how much / % ?

at the moment i run a synapse cache drive 60gb (30gb usable) and the best it ever did when everything was set as expected was 385mbps on a 890gx gigabyte board. My bro has a 990fx sabertooth and the best speed he got was about 485mbps on a 540mbps drive ?

I know that 485mbs is already fast, but im wanting the magic 1gb per sec speed with two drives. I already know the model im choosing works in this format on a z68:

2x 240gb sandisc


This is one of the factors that will decide whether my next build is a piledriver on a new AM3+ board or ivybridge on a Z77


review btw*
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