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I would like to build a rig that would last a long time into the future. I think it might come in handy to have a thunderbolt socket on the motherboard at some later date, though there isn't much out there that needs thunderbolt now.

I want to use an Intel Ivy Bridge CPU. The socket would be 1155. Probably an Intel i5 3570k.

The choice isn't very wide, but I think that the Asus P8Z77-V PRO/THUNDERBOLT looks like the best option.

I would probably get an nvidia gtx 680 graphics card to start with and might later put in a second gtx 680.

Can this motherboard run 2 graphics cards at x16? Or would the second card be running in a slower slot? If so, would this seriously handicap the performance of the second graphics card?

I am thinking of getting an Asus Xonar Essence ST sound card. Into which of the slots should I best put this card, bearing in mind I might later want to put in a second graphics card? Would it make a difference if I gto a Xonar Essence STX, instead?

Do you think this motherboard is OK for me? Or should I get a different one, even with a different chipset?