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The next step

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well for some reason i cant update my system specs but here they are as of now:

amd 3000+ venice (754 skt) artic silver Freezer 64 Pro heatsink
1gb kingston ddr 400

ive gotten my cpu up to 2.5 ghz with my ram at 209 mhz at 2.5-3-3-6 with CPU/12 divider

basically is my RAM holding me back from goin any higher? ive tried higher voltages for the CPU but i still cant get sucessful bootups..im also wondering if my 450wat ANTC Power Supply is starting to show its weakness in terms of overclocking?

any tips on how to get up to 2.6ghz??
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yea i was getting this, is it a CAS 2.5 RAM? try loosing to 3 and add a little voltage on the RAM, for DDR i mean 2.8 is safe!
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Loosen the Cas timings to 3. This will allow for a little more Ocing headroom. However if this doesnt work then also Bump up the V-core a little.
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does changing cas from 2.5 to 3 apply to S939 mobos too?
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yes, the socket on the motherboard has nothing to do with the performance of a RAM stick
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