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sabertooth z77 rear motherboard assist fan not wokring?

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i recently installed an akasa blue led 40mm fan inside my motherboard. and its not working, ive enabled it in bios, set the profile right in my thermal radar program, tried the "allow/disallow fan stop" trick and still nothing.

the fans leds still light up with my motherboard, so its getting power

and the fan works brill with my old fan controller

so im thinking software/bios issue? (i have the latest bios installed)

does anyone know a fix?

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possible start up voltage issue..
some may only need 4-5-volts to start.. if you spin it, will it power up?

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nope, doesnt want to spin even after ive poked it along. it works fine in any other fan header on the mobo.

whats even more frustrating is the supplied tuf 35mm fan is working in the "supposedly defective" fan assist header.

i dunno what else to do bios/bodgin wise to get it to work.

so ive got two options.(KISS method) stick with the two 35mm fans. it works, wirings neater but i havn't got blue light flowing out my thermal armour anymore : (

or. re-install the 40mm led fan with a longer wiring route to a different fan header. get a tiny bit more cooling and the cool look blue light look back.

im gonna have to go for option b.
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does the supplied fan(s) work on other headers? could be a 5volt fan?

option b sounds "safer" as you dont know the output voltage on the tuf fans..

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the supplied fans work on all other headers aswell : S

however for some really bloody annoying reason now the supplied rear fan has stopped altogether and the middle mobo fan is turning itself off and on every few seconds. both fans are working fine in my fan control and in the other fan headers, it must just be my mobo assist fan headers playing up.

this is very annoying to say the least, thanks for your help. i think i might have a defective mobo frown.gif
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just checked my bios on a restart and the fans have been set to off somehow : S, this is very weird as they were most definately set to "on" a few days ago ive reset them back to on and their working again.

this is weird as i noticed the same problem with the 40mm fan, however turning it on in the bios did not make it work.

somethings up with this board, i think theres a ghost in the machine style thing going on
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oooooooo ....
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .......................
mmmmmmmmmmmmm .........
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa .........

ghostly sounds so close to halloween..

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on a plus note my zalman rc-1000 arrived today, its only using 2pin fans, therefore rpm is unavailable to view on my thermal radar program.

however i can still change its speed with a custom duty fan cycle curve on the said program. rams dropped from the 70s down to 30 degrees c

i might just put some blue leds under my thermal armour to get the glowing blue effect and sack off the 40mm fan
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