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ok so just to be clear this is not a forsale thread, this is a general inquiry for people who have or had or want these headsets.
I recenetly bought a pair of these from a guy on ebay, at such an awesome price, i figured i would see if anyone here would want notification on how to get some. although they are not currently available until beginning of next week when he gets more back in stock.
these are open-box headsets that will come in original packaging with all the original accessories.
you get: original box+ papers, headset, extension cable, clip on mic, and the usb sound card with usb cable.

as of now he only has them in black, priced with shipping at $32.95 shipped and tracked the next day via fedex.

now if anyone would be interested in these please post here so when they are available i can send you a link to them.

this is just me trying to offer our lovely community a hot deal(imo) im getting nothing out of this by doing so.

he also implied a major discount if done in a group buy.
he will have 40 available starting next week.

i personally have always loved these headset's and never once had a problem with them, aside from my dogs wanting to use them as a chew toy (reason i needed a new pair lol)