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1st i would like to clear that im a total noob regarding OC so please dont flare if i dont know much

i recently bought a sparkle gtx 680 at a very good price from my brothers friend, for using 3 monitors (surround) playing games like bf3 ect.

but i already have a gtx 680 SC edition in y pc which i bought new form ebay. a month ago, which i found to struggle when i play bf3 on ultra on 22" led 3 monitors with good FPS.

so i decided to go SLI.

now my questions are:

1. which card is more powerful the sparkle or the evga SC??

2. when i go SLI which card is to be placed on the top and which on the bottom slot??

3. can i overclock the weaker card to match the speed (core speed) of that of the stronger card?? if YES how?? i dont know any thing about overclocking let alone 2 cards tongue.gif

4. any guides on how i can overclock both to match each other

here is my current gtx 680 SC edition specs:


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