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I'm using this. Everything else seems to recommend higher psu's probably because not every psu out there is very efficient and they make more when you spend more money.

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I can't wait to get this. Hopefully I can order it this week. I'm just waiting on a cheque in the mail that should be here in 2-4 days. I did make one change. I love the 810 case, but I'm going to go with the thor v2. I spent an absurd amount of time researching cases, and the thor is better for air cooling. It is a cheaper quality case, but these two thermal tests are really what swayed me.



I want to link this one too because the 810 actually does better than the thor with watercooling at least with the h100.


I'm going with a white thor v2 case for $140. I'm sure the quality of the case will be fine for me even though it sounds like it could be better from the reviews. The air flow looks excellent.

I'm also going to keep my eyes open for a rebranded seasonic or seasonic psu around 550w-650w for when I get the radeon 6870. It's not that much more to get more watts and I'll be safe in case I need more power down the road. That'll probably be another month from now though, and I might tell my friend I don't even need it depending on how many fps I'm getting with starcraft 2. I just play on low anyways and I would save on power. That being said it is free I just have to pay shipping.

Thanks for all the help. A lot of parts are better now than when I started.
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