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6970 never had an issue with drivers... 6850 x 2 never had an issue with drivers.
I think it is too Because when I had 6850s crossfired (in my old rig) I never had any issue with the drivers. It never crashed. The only problem that ever came up was that the drivers on skyrim weren't written to support crossfire so it would only use one GPU and they fixed that within 3 days of it being released.
I can tell you this much. I only had one companies drivers ever brick a card and that was an nvidia driver release that caused me to have to buy a new graphics card. I like Nvidia. IF I see a good nvidia in the next gen or 2 I might go with them. It really just depends. AS a multi monitor user I really need the extra memory bandwidth.

They have issues with negative scaling. It affected both the GPUs you mentioned and they did have issues.

AMD has always had this issue w crossfire since Rage, and their solution is to disable crossfire mode for games till its fixed.