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H100 Push Pull Setup Worth It?

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What kind I difference would you guys say I would notice with an H100 in Push Pull setup with the Cougar Vortex 120mm fans compared to the two included corsair fans of the H100?

I have a 4.6ghz overclock with the 3770k and running prime with custom blend test FFT 8K my highest temperature is 80 and thats for only one core. All my other cores highest temperatures at 74-77.

I would like to try and get my highest temperatures to become a little bit cooler and also reduce the ridiculous amount of noise coming from the Corsair fans on the H100.

PS, I can purchase those Cougar Vortex fans for $11 each at a local store by my house.

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from my experience..
running lesser fans on the H100 usually increases temperatures.
but can be counter-acted with a push/pull setup and you might have
the same temps, but quieter. another thing to look at is the H100
controller will not control any fans other than the OE H100 fans,
including the new SP/AF corsair fans. so you can wire them to a
PSU molex, motherboard header or fan controller.

push/pull H100 fans on balanced isn't that bad.. not quite but easily
tolerable. im assuming your 78° is from running the H100 in perf
mode? push/pull can be a 3°-8° drop nothing drastic in your case.

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