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On many cases that I had, the PCI cards (not just VGA) sometimes tend to tilt down as soon as the case is in vertical position.

ATTENTION : For "to tilt" I dont mean the classic "bending" of the VGA due to the weight of the heat sink, I mean visually the bracket of the card (the attachment bracket - where it is screwed ) appear slightly oblique, the part that ends up behind the MOBO remains there, while the screwed part tend to slip down slightly so the card is not perfectly perpendicular to the MOBO, seeing the card, the connector PCI seems to do a pivot while the front edge of the card (to understand where there are connectors for SLI and CF) drops down, so if I'm going to see the chassis from behind ( where there are all outputs and fan extraction ) seem to see the VGA slightly diagonal position and not straight.

Look the red arrow ( The effect here is slight but there are worse )

Well can't help much really... As long as it doesn't bend the pice slot and pins then it should be fine.. It's either the case that is not compatible or a manufacturing defect. Can't really tell.