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i5 2500k speeds

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Hi guys, my first post here, gotta start somewhere I suppose!!

Anyway, wonder if someone can shed some light on a observation I've made just recently.

I updated the BIOS on my Asus P8Z68 V Pro the other day (so that my new Corsair mouse would work in the UEFI BIOS).

Prior to the BIOS update core temp would only show the CPU running at one of two speeds, idle (1600) or my overclocked speed (4400) and nothing else inbetween.
Now core temp is showing various speeds inbetween idle and max such as 1800, 2000, 2600, 3200 etc.

I've been monitoring the individual core speeds in CPU-Z and during various tasks core 2 for example might briefly jump to 2600 and then back to idle, then cores 1,3 might jump to 3300, then core 4 might jump all the way to my BIOS set OC turbo speed and so on and so forth.

I've just never seen other speeds displayed other than idle 1600 and my OC 4400

Is this the way turbo/speedstep behaves, ie. you've got idle and full turbo speeds but depending on the load some cores can increase to various intermediate speeds?
Did the BIOS update change the way Intel Turbo works??

Many thanks for any info.
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The BIOS update may have changed the default setting for C3 and C6 - they have some play in the intermediate frequencies you are seeing. You can test that by manually enabling/disabling them and then see what your freqs do.

If you have RealTemp, you can run the i7Turbo program and it'll show you what the multipliers are doing real-time. They normally jump around a lot.
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